Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kick out the jams!

Welcome to Imaginos' Secret Treatise everyone!

This is my first post to the blog, so I'll give a little background about myself.  I started playing RPGs back around 1985, but unlike so many people, my first RPG was not D&D.  The first RPG I played was Gamma World 1st edition, which is probably why I love Post-Apoc in general.  D&D was not the second RPG I played either.  Traveller, an extremely short lived game, was the second RPG.  After that, it was D&D, where we started playing with Basic and Expert D&D, but quickly moved on to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons when we discovered those books.  Since that time, I've played a gamut of games in genre ranging from fantasy to sci fi to post apocalyptic to supers to cyberpunk to modern to pulp (or a mix of these in one).

My plan with the blog is to touch on different subjects over time.  I plan to touch on RPGs and other types of games, be they miniatures, card, dice, or board games.  I plan to write reviews, post thoughts and ponderings, and hopefully have some good discussion.  I also plan to touch base on non-game subjects at times.

And last, if you cannot tell by the name of the blog or my profile image, I am a fan of Blue Oyster Cult.  So  yes, that is where the name of the blog (I know, the album is Secret Treaties, this is my play on it), my screen name, and the image originate.

To start off, I will be posting some old reviews I wrote.

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